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Practice Areas

Charters provides a wide range of professional services to meet the needs of SME business owners, professionals, investors, retirees and their families.
Accounting Services


Charters will provide all the services of an accountant without you having to employ one full time.


Financial reports can be prepared as often as needed during the year and to meet your statutory compliance requirements. The objectives of these financial reports are to provide information about the financial position and performance as well as changes in the financial position of a business. This is essential to a wide range of users in making economic decisions.


Charters makes use of your accounting software package to make adjustments and liaises with you in updating your records. We also work with most of the well known cloud based small business accounting solutions.


Charters can also provide:


  • Advice on business structures

  • Formation of new entities

  • Services to meet your company administration and company secretarial obligations


  • Preparation of budgets and cash flow projections

  • Assistance with finance applications and re-financing arrangements







Taxation Services


Charters has also a proven record of high quality and sound taxation advice and taxation planning, as well as extensive experience in negotiating and contesting taxation disputes.


Taxation services include:


  • Completion of all personal and business tax returns


  • Preparation of fringe benefits and payroll tax returns


  • GST related transactions and activity statements


  • Advice on direct and indirect taxation matters


  • Advice on Capital Gains Tax


  • Guidance through tax audits


  • Negotiations with taxation authorities


  • Tax advice for non-residents

Other Services


  • Estate planning and administration;


  • Estate executorship and assistance with probate applications;


  • General administrative functions, both private and business;


  • Assisting with loan arrangements for business and/or major projects;


  • Arranging and/or renewal of loan facilities with banks and other financiers;


  • Performance of due diligence reviews;


  • Preparation of business plans for asset building;


  • Advice regarding the growth and development of your business and


  • JVOA non-operator audits.